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Taste and appearance matter to us in what we eat. We smell the aroma of the food and we only eat what looks appealing. That means Holland Ingredients colours are among the most important ingredients in your product. Whether you produce sauces, marinades for meat products or instant or fresh soups, the looks are what count.

Nowadays we are seeing more innovative products being coloured with our natural colours. We are even seeing Carbon Black being used to enhance the appeal of sauces for special events. The addition of curcumin to curry sauces or paprika to BBQ sauces is also becoming very popular.A current market trend is the use of fruit in combination with traditional products, an example being curry and pineapple sauce. We can supply you with fruit content in the form of fruit concentrate or puree.

We can also offer you a full set of colours that are perfectly balanced to suit your savoury range.

We supply the following colours specifically for savoury products:

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