Holland ingredients


GFSI certification

Since January 28th, 2013 are we, Holland Ingredients BV FSSC 22.000 certified, one of the approved GFSI certifications. With this certification, we ensure you that our focus is on quality, reliability and continuous improvement.

GFSI certified suppliers

Having a good relationship with our customers is of key importance to us and being able to do so we also have to maintain a good relationship with our suppliers.

Over the past years we were able to build up a network of suppliers. We closely work together with minimum GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified suppliers. Being able to supply continuous good quality is always our objective.


Just as Halal, we can also provide several products with a Kosher certificate on request. One example of our Kosher products is our very popular Carbon Black Solution. This product is used in candies, ice cream and even in black cheese. We have several products that have the Kosher certification. If you would like to know all our Kosher products, we are happy to inform you.


We can proudly confirm, that we can sent you our products with an Halal certificate on request. This will give you the opportunity to widen your scope of products and to approach new markets with the Natural food colours of Holland Ingredients.

For both the Halal and Kosher products, we have at least once a year an audit to check the quality and the reliability of the products and the process. That way, we can ensure that our products are suitable for your application.

Why is a GFSI recognized certificate so important?

FSSC 22.000 is designed to help organisations like Holland Ingredients, establish and continually improve their control and management of food safety. As a certification scheme, FSSC 22.000 is governed by a non-profit foundation and managed by an independent board of stakeholders. The scheme fully incorporates the ISO 22.000 management system with sector-specific prerequisite programs and additional FSSC 22.000 requirements. This ensures recognition by the global food safety initiative the GFSI and global acceptance by companies worldwide. FSSC 22.000 also allows the integration of quality management with food safety by the inclusion of all the requirements for ISO 9001. It ensures the visibility of food safety management up and down the supply chain.