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Yellow and orange shades are widely used for foodstuffs because they fit very well with well-known fruits and veggies like lemon, carrot, vanilla, apricot, orange, or peach. Our Natural Colours like beta-Carotene, Paprika, Annatto belong to the group of yellow to orange carotenoids, whereas our Colouring Foods are based on yellow pigments, e.g. Safflower or Yellow Carrot. Due to the low inherent taste compared to paprika and turmeric extracts, even mild aromas such as vanilla extract, pear, or banana are not impaired in their sensitive aroma profile, while using Colouring Foods. The color standardization of these products is therefore easy to do even without an E number. These can be applied to water-based confections, bakery wares, ice cream, and sweet dairy desserts. Moreover, some of these products are even oil-soluble and can be used to colour white chocolate, fat-glazing’s, marinades, or any other fat-based product according to your own colour targets

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