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ice cream

You can find various different types of ice cream on the market. As well as ice cream based on milk, water or fruit, there is hard or soft ice cream, fluffier or stickier varieties and so on.

The most important criteria for ice cream are appearance, taste and bite.

Holland Ingredients can help you with choosing the right colours. For example, our Spirulina Blue Solution produces a stunning blue colour and adding Carmine produces shades ranging from pink to red.

Besides our natural colours, we can also supply you with fruit concentrates or puree. The possibilities are listed in the enclosed flyer.

Fruit concentrates and purees will influence the colour, taste and bite of your product. In addition, you are able to claim that your ice cream is a healthy choice. Using natural colours and fruit, will let you create the ice cream of the future.

We supply the following colours specifically for ice cream:

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