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Fruit Concentrates and purees

Fruit concentrates and purees

These days, fruit concentrates and purees are being used more and more as a result of the clean label trend. In response to customer demand, fruit is increasingly being introduced as an ingredient in all sorts of products. It could also play a part in enhancing your products.

Why use fruit concentrates or purees?

  • To use the specific colours of the concentrate or puree
  • To increase the fruit content in your products
  • To add colour to your product
  • To make your product “healthier”
  • To give your product a natural image
  • To partly or fully replace the flavours in your product
  • So you can declare your product to be natural and free of E-numbers

There are all kinds of uses for fruit-related products. For example, sweets, dairy, ice cream, beer, chocolate fillings, smoothies, bakery fillings, infant formula, drinks, etc.

Fruit concentrates

Fruit or vegetable juice concentrates are manufactured by evaporating water from the fruit or vegetable juice.

Fruit Puree

Purees are made by straining fruit and vegetables through sieves.

As Holland Ingredients we can offer you a wide range of fruit concentrates and purees.Please let us know your product requirements and together we will come up with the optimum solution.

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