• Name: Caramel
  • Type: Caramel
  • E-number: E150a/b/c/d


Caramel is manufactured by heating carbohydrates and is one of the most common natural colours. Caramel is light stable and has excellent, pH and heat stability. We distinguish four general types of Caramel, which differ by their production process.

The brown hue of caramel is used in many applications, such as soft drinks, ice-cream, bakery and alcoholic beverages.

Burnt sugar, a natural aromatic product made by carbohydrate heating, is often used to give colour and flavour for example to dairy desserts and biscuits.

Burnt Sugar Syrup
Caramel 16.000 EBC E150a powder
Caramel 14.000 EBC E 150a
Caramel Liquid E150c


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