Natural Colours

RiboflavineLiquid and powdered Natural Colours

Natural colours is the most important part of our business. Holland Ingredients specialises both liquid and powdered.

Packaging Natural Colours

We are able to supply the natural colours in packaging varying from 500 gram bottles up to 500 kg IBC units.

Next to natural colours we supply fruit concentrates and purees as well as a nice range of natural flavours and spices.

More information about Natural Colours

PaprikaIf you would like to receive some more elaborate information or a quotation for either the natural colours or any of our other products, kindly click through to our website.

We can supply tailor made liquid solutions of for example Carmine, Annatto or Paprika Oleoresin in the colour strength most suitable for your application.

Natural Colours are our passion which we love to share with you.

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