Black Carrot Juice (Colouring Food stuff)

Holland Ingredients colouring foodstuffs

Colouring foodstuffs are an E- number free alternative to natural colors. The EU Guidance Notes, clearly stipulate which colouring extract classifies as a colouring foodstuff. This legislation is effective from January 1st, 2014 and by November 29th, 2015 no new food products can be launched containing non-compliant colouring foodstuffs

The term colouring foodstuffs usually refers to colouring extracts derived from recognized foods, processed in such a way that the extract retains the natural ingredients’ characteristic properties such as colour and flavour

Colouring foodstuffs are gaining more and more popularity with food processing companies since they are considered more as an ingredient rather than an additive. And as such colouring foodstuffs do not carry an E- number classification.

Holland Ingredients can offer various products in this range but we would like to pick out one in particular: Black carrot juice concentrate.
The colouring properties of the black carrot are anthocyans. Anthocyans form a very large group of colours derived from red/reddish blue plants. Anthocyans do not only occur in plant leaves but also in flowers, roots and fruits. The colour of the anthocyans is mostly depending on the structure but also the acidity level inside the plant. Most anthocyans are red when used in an acid environment and blue/purple in more alkaline environment.

Our black carrot juice concentrate is developed as an ingredient rather than an additive and complies to the new EU regulation for colouring foodstuffs. Therefore it has no E-number classification.

Black Carrot

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