Fruit concentrates and purees

Holland Ingredients supplies in addition to the Natural Food Colourants also a number of complementary natural products such as Fruit concentrates and Fruit Purees.

Suppliers fruit concentrate

For the Benelux area we work together with Iprona Italy, an established producer of Fruit concentrates and purees.

For other areas we also are able to supply a wide range of Fruit concentrates and Purees from certified European sources.


Use of fruit concentrates

Fruit concentrates and purees are an essential part of food colouring and provide natural taste, colour and body to a wide range of products.

We have been supplying fruit concentrates and purees successfully for many years to a number of industries such as confectionary, dairy, beverage and bakery industry.

Fruit concentrate and Fruit puree are a natural and fitting addition to our range of natural colours.

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