Know your colour! Yellow

For many products, yellow is the basic colour. For example, butter, banana or lemon ice cream, chocolate (especially at Easter), sauces, bread products (maize bread, among others) and so on. It is also abundantly present in natural products. This means the colour yellow has an important place in the world of foodstuffs. We can therefore

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Market developments: newsletter spring 2018

Carmine: This remains stable for the time being. The price is improving because availability is currently high. However, the point is rapidly approaching where the agricultural supply chain may become uneasy about this. The trend could soon be reversed, with an interruption of supply and a switching of the fields to other products. Click here

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Holland Ingredients Colouring Food Spirulina Green

In our previous newsletter, we announced that our assortment includes HI Colouring Food Spirulina Blue. This is derived from a green alga. We now also have this green alga available is colourant, which means it requires no e-number. We recently further developed the product to make it dissolve even better in water or oil. The

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