Black Carrot Juice (Colouring Food stuff)

Holland Ingredients colouring foodstuffs Colouring foodstuffs are an E- number free alternative to natural colors. The EU Guidance Notes, clearly stipulate which colouring extract classifies as a colouring foodstuff. This legislation is effective from January 1st, 2014 and by November 29th, 2015 no new food products can be launched containing non-compliant colouring foodstuffs The term

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Aluminum Lakes in Natural Food Colours (by EFSA)

The use of Aluminum Lakes as sometimes present in (some) natural colours has been evaluated by EFSA. Regulation 1333/2008 has been updated by regulation 380/2012. What does it mean for your specific application? Do you have to change to another type of colour or can you continue using the colour(s) you currently have ? We

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